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Bilingo Eikaiwa June
6月 Nature & Colors
At Bilingo we have been learning about colors and nature this month!
iruma kids eikawa
5月 Blog
At Bilingo we have been learning about nature and plants.
At Bilingo we had an Easter Lesson. The students had an Easter egg hunt where they looked for colorful plastic eggs.
The students did a great job sharing about themselves in English! They shared what their favorite toy was, and loved singing the new songs; “5 Little Ducks” and “Old Macdonald.”
February Lessons About Food!
The students enjoyed shopping in English by being customers as well as store clerks with their toy money and credit cards.
1月・2月 食べ物レッスン
This month we will be learning about “FOOD” in Bilingual Class. We will do shopping & restaurant roleplays in English.